ValtecCNC specializes in the aerospace industry but also produces machined parts in other industries including fluid power and pneumatic systems.

We have taken the machining process to the ultimate level by installing top of the line Okuma machine tools with laser technology for detecting tool wear or breakage, part probing, high pressure coolant, large capacity tool changers and many other options to ensure our capabilities are the best in the industry.

We have married the Okuma to a Fastems pallet system capable of managing up to 300 pallets and up to ten 3,4,5 axis Okuma machines to service our customers’ needs. This arrangement enhances our capabilities in many ways.

  • Part set-ups can be maintained and stored in the Fastems system reducing the exposure to quality defects inherent to new set-ups
  • Due to set-up storage, we have faster turnaround times while maintaining high quality defect-free parts
  • The Fastems scheduling software allows for lights-out operations along with communication to key ValtecCNC staff in the event of an issue

Our goal at ValtecCNC is to use our technology and many years of experience in the industry to provide solution-based services for our customers by delivering perfect quality and short lead time while maintaining an unsurpassed relationship with our customers.

Design Specifications

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Lights-Out Operations

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Part Marker Capability

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