PRECISION AND TECHNOLOGY AT WORK ValtecCNC is a leading provider of high-end technically manufactured products. Our focus is to deliver quality solution-based products on time and with exceptional customer service. We are precision and technology at work.

  • Aerospace Machining

    ValtecCNC’s aerospace machining capabilities are second to none. We offer high quality components made to your exact specifications. Aircraft fleets consistently need the best parts to maintain efficient, reliable operation and safety. Our experience machining for the aviation field makes us a leader in this constantly evolving industry.

  • Prototyping and 3D Modeling

    With the use of high-tech CAD software and skilled designers, the sky is the limit when it comes to what our machines can produce. Each piece is designed to the client’s own specifications. Our quality system¬†machining services guarantees high speed, quality machining for even the most complex parts.

  • Fluid Power Hydraulics and Pneumatics

    At ValtecCNC, we specialize in manufacturing precision parts for the fluid power industry. We recognize the need for quick turnaround while still maintaining quality control in everything we produce. Our FMS system¬†ensures lights-out operations so that our clients aren’t left out in the dark when they need products quickly.